Established golfers can take advantage of Flightscope, the premier portable indoor-outdoor ball-flight and launch monitor, and the world’s first ever 3D doppler tracking radar for golf as featured at the Open Championships. As players practise, detailed performance data is delivered directly to the iPad allowing them to fine-tune their game as they prepare for their rounds.

Flightscope offers you all the information you need to improve:

  • Club swing analysis including swing speed, ball spin, exact distance and much more
  • Flightscope golf lessons with PGA Professional to make changes with confidence
  • Custom fitting – find out which clubs, shafts and lofts actually suit you and increase your control and distance
  • Find out what your clubs actually do! How far they go and practise yardages that you find difficult

Session Fees

60 Minute Session

With PGA Professional – £45.00

Using the Flightscope with your PGA Professional will ensure you have everything you need to improve your understanding of your swing and equipment.


45 Minute Assessment

Custom fit or bag assessment session – £35.00

During this session you will hit nearly every club in your bag and know exactly all the data and distances on how each club performs.


20 Minute Session

Supervised practice session – £20.00

A good way to hit shots with any club you wish to know more about. The Pro/Assistant will help you to get the information and data you are looking for.


Contact us to speak to one of our Golf Professionals to find out more about our FlightScope golf lessons.